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Why Amber is So Special?

Fossil-Pendants.pngThere are many reasons why Amber has been popular for so many centuries. This beautiful stone has a variety of medicinal properties, is useful to scientists to study prehistoric life and has a long history of being a most sought after gem.

Happiness and Joy

Amber contains a life-giving energy, happiness and joy. The life contained in amber started over 30 million years ago and have survived the ever changing planet, leaving behind a piece of history in tree resin we call Amber.

A Beautiful Jewel from the Ocean

Amber is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature. Each piece of amber is original with no two pieces being the same, giving the stone its unique quality of beauty in size, shape and color varieties. Gorgeous amber can be polished to create a mild sheen to bring out the stone's natural coloration.

Evidence of Prehistoric Life Forms in Amber

Amber has a valuable place in the scientific community as its unique form of preserving fossils is unparalleled. This type of preservation has assisted scientists in the reconstruction of lost ecosystems and extinct organisms. Some of these organisms can be dated back almost 130 million years. With this type of composition in the resin it is unfortunately, limited in the reconstruction of the type of tree that produced it. This resin contains the organic life forms that became caught in the secretion.

Popularity of Amber in Jewelry

Over the last several years, amber jewelry has increased in popularity and can be found in many different stores. There is a wide variety of colors that amber can come in. The most popular color is from the Baltic Sea region and is a light yellow tinted color. However, amber also comes in a variety of colors as well. Some colors can be a light pale yellow color to deep rust colored orange or a deep green color that shows gold flecks. Each piece of amber has unique fossils trapped inside that could be plant seeds, animal feathers or bugs. Making this a truly one of a kind item.

Long Lasting Properties

Amber dates back millions of years and has lasted for millions of years. It is truly a story of survival against the range of time and catastrophic events. Beliefs in amber's healing benefits continue today and are used for treating pains in the joints, arthritis, and teething pain. Amber is also in cosmetics and in other industries.

Popularity of Amber in Europe

Since the Stone Age, amber has been a part of everyday life. Amber has been located in Mycenaean crypts and all over Europe. Baltic amber has been found in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Poland, and some parts of Western Europe. Because 80-90 percent of the world's amber comes from the Baltic region, amber has become a symbol of Eastern and Central Europe. Amber was probably first discovered washed up on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Later, as amber gained value for its rarity and beauty, amber was deliberately fished for using nets. When Baltic amber began to be a commodity, a north-south route was developed for the purpose of trading amber.

Useful for Scientific Studies

Amber owes its existence to the defense tool of the tree. If the tree bark was damaged, a sticky resin oozed out to help the tree heal. With these types of trees producing such profuse amounts of resin, the small organisms and plant life get trapped. Some resins will not form amber, and will decompose with time. But, it the resin deposits are buried within the ground, they may form into amber fossils. A resin that has aged for decades or centuries that has not become fossilized yet is called "copal".

Amber for all the Senses

Amber is a stone that is pleasing to the eye. You will find that amber is warm to the touch due to the negative quality of the stone. When amber is worn close to the body, it will warm to body temperature and release a wonderful scent.

Amber Facts