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Customer Testimonials

Testimonials-at-Amanda-Bass.pngWe work hard to make sure that you are not just satisfied but very happy with your purchase and your shopping experience at Amanda Bass. The internet stores must to do more to compete with the traditional brick and mortar stores who spend a lot of money to impress you such as the expensive glitter, display, advertising, and so on. On the other hand, the internet stores offer an overall better value including lower prices, better product value, rush shipping, a full return guarantee, quick refunds, a lot of useful educational content and the ability to perform quick price comparisons.

Your Feedback Matters

A good testimonial is not an accident. It is a result of a good value built with meticulous planning to offer a good product, competitive price and excellent customer service. We go around the world to pick unique jewelry designs and bring them to you at bottom prices. Our teams are working every day to grow this store into a market leader and your positive feedback is a validation that we are working in the right direction! We appreciate your testimonials that encourage us and strengthen our resolve to do better in the days and years to come.

See what Some of our Customers Say...

The item I purchased was offered at a better price by Amanda Bass than by several other sites. Shipping was quick and efficient and I received the item within a few days. It looked as good as the photograph on the website. Overall an excellent experience and I will buy from Amanda Bass again.

Ms. M - Columbus, OH

Very impressed. after placing my order i received a phone call from the seller in America to double check my order as my billing address was different from my shipping address. My daughter in London loved the ring. I will buy from them again.

Beris M. - Australia

I inquired about returning the necklace after the 2 week deadline because I was planning on presenting it as a gift in the near future. Customer service said that it would not be a problem to return it if I choose to. They were great to work with and it was a comfort to know that I didn't have a timeline looming above my head. I kept the necklace and gave it to my friend for her birthday and she really liked it. A very unique gift for an entomologist.


Excellent store. Good prices, detailed product presentation, easy checkout and quick shipping. What more could I ask for?

Richard Johnson

This was a wonderful site to deal with. I placed my order on a Monday and the package arrived Tuesday. Great prices, only wish for a larger selection. Will definitely place order again. Thank you.

Debby - Los Angeles, CA

Your website is very well organized. I have had many family members and friends who come to this site for most of their jewelry gifts. My nephew just recently bought his fiancé a ring off your site. Thank you so much, keep up the good work!

Nina Gregario - Austin, TX

Excellent Amber Insect Pendant! The Baltic amber pendant with insect inclusion is amazing. The colour of the amber is excellent and the visibility of the insect is very good.

Elizabeth Robinson Donovan - Toronto, Canada