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Amber Fossil Gold Earrings

amber-fossil-earrings.pngCreative Amber Fossil Earring Designs Our amber earring designs are made to stand out from the crowd. We find unique amber stones with similar inclusions and design settings in gold to bring the best match together. We use Russian red gold 0.585 that goes well with the golden tone and glow of Baltic amber. Our designs are created with you in mind and we offer full product guarantee with each purchase. Your order will come with a certificate of authenticity and 30 day return guarantee..

Amber is a Gem with Organic Beginning: Amber is the one fossil substance considered a precious stone which is not a mineral. Diamonds are mined from coal and amber is the only gem from an organic beginning. The assessment for any type of gemstone is due to its rarity. So, amount of “succinate” enclosed within amber defines the class and value. With Baltic amber containing some of the largest levels of this acid, it makes it a most extremely prized form. Amber’s genic makeup of resin assisted in the perfect fossilization of the inclusions, leaving behind a perfect exhibit of life before. These fossil fragments still have viable DNA locked inside.