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Amber Cameo Pendants

amber-cameo-pendants.pngThe Beauty of Cameo Jewelry: Ancient Greece and Rome when cameos depicted morals and themes from mythology. Cameos came back into fashion largely through the interest shown in them by Empress Josephine, Napoleon's first wife. Her jewelry collection included several cameo tiaras, one of which is still owned by Sweden's royal family today. Throughout the subsequent generations, the cameo has been transformed into a delicate form of art and treasured piece of jewelry. The antique cameo jewelry we value today usually features intricately carved profiles. Experience the beauty of individually hand carved Baltic amber cameos pendants with silver in our collection below.

We Guarantee Quality
Our cameos pendants, rings and earrings are high quality and unique. Unlike most cameos available in shops today, our cameos are not made of cast or glue design. Each cameo amber stone is individually hand carved and we stand behind our product quality and workmanship. Your order will come a certificate of authenticity and an unconditional 30-day return guarantee.