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About Us

about-pic.pngAmanda Bass Designs is dedicated to bringing you fossil jewelry and gifts from around the world. We are starting with the best amber fossil galleries and soon add other fossil designs such as agate and other minerals in the weeks to come.

Amanda Bass is a subsidiary of World Gift Stores which operates e-commerce stores of exquisite gifts from around the world. We fell in love with Baltic amber when we traveled to Lithuania 6 years ago for the first time. What surprised us how little we know and have explored amber, fine amber jewelry and various amber crafts, books and other amber and amber related products. Amber is hugely popular in Europe and we thought we could tell the story of amber a little better in the U.S. We now frequently travel to the Baltic and Caribbean amber centers, attend trade fairs, meet with the renowned artisans, pick exquisite amber and have exclusive amber fossil jewelry designs made for you. It years of experience, investment and relationships that we cultivated that produced the fine products we have bring to you. We intend to extend our product lines to all kind of fossil jewelry and other products in the days to come.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is not long and complicated. We have simple and easy to follow principles as follows:

(1)  Sell authentic amber fossil jewelry,
(2)  Guarantee product quality with 30 day returns,
(3)  Bring it directly to your door, no middlemen,
(4)  Provide friendly and reliable customer service, and
(5)  Offer straight low prices without illusionary discounts.

How we Started

We have worked in various fields - from accounting, law, education, investments, ERP, consulting, public sector and consulting and in some of the world's largest businesses. We realized that our skills are right for the time we are living in and decided build exclusive product stores online. The new technology made it possible for us to work at different locations and pull our skills together to build this store and establish a supply chain of beautiful and authentic fossil designs produced all around the world. Just a few years ago, only large businesses, their buyers and buyer's agents could bring you products with a high mark up through their food chain. Today's technology has made it possible to buy products in Lithuania and put in our online galleries in a few hours while the merchandise is shipped on its way to the U.S.

We are a Family Business

Members of one family shared common interests and decided to put their skills and common interests to work. We like to travel and see wonderful things and the internet today offered us an opportunity to bring the treasures from around the world directly to your door without the middleman. Our amber fossil jewelry is not bought from a middleman in New York or California. We visit the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Poland and work with the amber artisans who are experts in amber and amber fossil including jewelry and various other products of amber. We are happy that we can bring handpicked amber fossil designs directly to your door.

Why Amber Fossil?

We think amber is under-appreciated in the U.S. Amber is a beautiful gem that comes in many attractive color tones from golden, cognac, honey, yellow to white, blue and also black! Amber fossil is amazing, it is enchanting and it has a message of survival of life over its obstacles and challenges. When you will read more about how amber is made by the nature, you will agree that it is a beautiful story that millions of years old. Browse of amber fossil designs crafted in yellow gold and silver and pick the best designs while they last.


Colors of Amber