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100% Natural. 100% Authentic. 100% Certified.

Gift Ready Packaging. Free Authenticity Card. 30 Day Returns.

A Fascinating Organic Gem with a Golden Hue
Amber is one of the most fascinating marvels of mother nature with a true organic origin. Amber shows amazing inclusions that took millions of years to fossilize. Imagine the insects trapped inside walked the Earth millions of years ago and what you will hold in your hand is truly a wonder of nature of the prehistoric times! Explore our galleries of beautiful amber in amazing shades of cognac, honey, golden, orange, yellow, brown and more.

A Solid Product with a Solid Guarantee!
Our individually handcrafted Baltic and Caribbean amber jewelry is authentic. Your order will come to your door with a certificate of authenticity, free shipping over $100 and 30 day return guarantee!